Child in the Wild (ROBOTS + AI)

Presentation of the Child in the Wild exhibition at the Art Science Museum Singapore, Black Box RMIT and the Horsham Town Hall Gallery.


Australia Council for the Arts


John McCormick
Adam Nash  (RMIT University)

Child in the Wild is a work by Wild System (aka Adam Nash and John McCormick), see the work’s official website at Child in the Wild is an interactive installation that enables human participants and a child robot to co-create an immersive audiovisual artwork through the use of the robot’s artificial neural networks to enable object and image recognition. The resulting artwork dissolves the boundaries between computational and physical phenomena, dispalying an aesthetic that is a real hybrid of the physical and the digital, of human and machine learning, of natural and artificial intelligence, and of real and synthetic evolution.

It is an artwork and aesthetic that emerges from the interaction between robot, people and virtual environment, neither one taking precedence, rather collaborating on a genuinely post-digital, post-convergent artwork. Child in the Wild has been presented at SIGGRAPH Asia Art Track, Macau, China in November 2016; Singapore ArtScience Museum, ACM Creativity and Cognition Art Track Microbytes of Innovation in July 2017; Data Is Nothing at RMIT Black Box Gallery in Marck 2018.

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